Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where you should find answers to the most common questions prospective members might have.

How do you book an aircraft for use?

The group usesĀ online booking system, this enables you to book your own usage and monitor other members’ bookings, taking advantage of when someone cancels for a date that you would like to use.

How far in advance can you book?

This is covered in the rules of the group and can be found here from rule 15 to rule 25 inclusive

What is the process for becoming a member?

When a share in either one or both aircraft is put up for sale you will communicate with the share owner and probably the group chairman in the first instance, dependant on where you see the aircraft share for sale.

If you wish to proceed further, there will be a meeting of yourself and 2/3 members of the committee, followed by a number of check flights, this is primarily to acclimatise you with the aircraft and the “interesting” departures and approaches at Popham airfield with one of the group’s instructors (we have two) and should all this be acceptable with both parties the sale of the share and setting up of monthly standing orders will take place.

The new member will then receive various documents related to group and aircraft operation, a share-document relevant to the aircraft that they have acquired a share in, plus a walk-through of all processes before and after flights.